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Beautify your brows with Simple Beauty Cosmetics.


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Our Founder:

Since the age of 12, Gina Affentranger always wanted to do make-up. At 13, Gina was doing before & after photos on girls who lived in the neighborhood. At 17, she studied to get her esthetician license and by 18 was working with Sebastian on their artistic team. Gina then worked for M.A.C. which lead to her eventual career in the TV and film industry.

While finding her successes, she always remained concerned with the state and welfare of eyebrows everywhere. She set up a brow bar and quickly garnished a cult following of clientele for whom she tailored a product line to utilize. It began to fly off the shelves at such a rate Gina was forced to officially found the ‘Simple Beauty Cosmetics’ line – offering up the necessary tools to beautify and maintain killer brows to the masses.


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